After years of research and clinical testing, we have developed non-invasive, accurate blood tests for early detection of cancer. By making cancer prevention routine, we enable everyone to take control of their own health. The more people take our breakthrough blood tests, the more lives we can save. Life over cancer.

Publications & Abstracts

ASCO Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, 2018 Prospective Clinical Study of Circulating Tumor Cells For Colorectal Cancer Screening

620-sample prospective study presented at ASCO podium shows that the CellMax CTC blood test detects early stage cancer and pre-cancer with an accuracy of 84-88% with 1 tube of blood.

Biomaterials, July 2013 Antibody conjugated supported lipid bilayer for capturing and purification of viable tumor cells in blood for subsequent cell culture.

Foundational publication describing the proprietary CellMax CTC technology and its performance.

CTC and ctDNA profiling to detect 6 NCCN-guideline recommended classes of alterations for immunotherapy and targeted therapy selection using sample from a single blood draw

AACR Annual Meeting 2018 Huangpin B. Hsieh, Jen-chia Wu, Feng-Ming Lin, Julian Lucas, Alex Atkins, Pratyush Gupta, Hung-Jen Shao, Yen-Lin Chen,Wen-Jie Huang, Chia-Hsun Hsieh, Ruey Kuen Hsieh, Kuo-Wei Chen, Ming-Hong Yen, Mana Javey, Shih-En Chang, Twinkal Marfatia, Drew Watson, Mahul Amin, Ashish Nimgaonkar, Oscar Segurado, Rui Mei

Analytical validation of a novel circulating tumor DNA detection platform for targeted and immunotherapy selection

AACR Annual Meeting 2018 Pratyush Gupta, Julian Lucas, Alex Atkins, Wen-Sy Tsai, Twinkal Marfatia, Shih-En Chang, Oscar Segurado, Rui Mei

Comparison of rare pathogenic germline variants associated with cancer predisposition syndrome in Taiwan and USA populations

AACR Annual Meeting 2018Zulfiqar Gulzar, Julian Lucas, Alex Atkins, Stephen Su, Oscar Segurado, Rui Mei

Prospective Clinical Study of a Prostate Cancer (PCa) Rule-Out Blood Test for PSA Gray Zone Patients Using a Sensitive Circulating Tumor Cell Assay

ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2018 See-Tong Pang, Ying-Hsu Chang, Po-Hung Lin, Ying Chang, Drew Watson, Oscar Segurado, Si-Hong Lu, Jen-chia Wu, Jr-Ming Lai, Hung-Jen Shao, Shih-En Chang, Ben Hsieh, Mana Javey, Rui Mei

CSF-ctDNA SMSEQ Analysis to Tailor the Treatment of a Patient with Brain Metastases: A Case Report

Case Reports in Oncology, 2018 Wen-Tsung Huang, Na-Mi Lu, Wen-Yuan Hsu, Shih-En Chang, Alex Atkins, Rui Mei, Manana Javey

Liquid Biopsy Prevents Inaccurate Her2 Status Determination by in situ Hybridization in a Patient with Invasive Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Breast: Case Report

Yen-Dun Tony Tzeng, Shih-En Chang, Rui Mei, Manana Javey

Introducing a Novel Biomarker for Prostate Cancer Detection in the PSA Gray Zone

SIU 2016 See-Tong Pang et al.

Genomic Profiling of Tumors For Targeted Therapy Matching Using Novel Liquid Biopsy Platform (SMSEQ)

Liquid Biopsy Summit 2016 Wen-Sy Tsai, Shan-Fu Wu, Julian Lucas, Gangwu Mei, Mana Javey, Rui Mei

Identifying Cancer Origin Using Circulating Tumor Cells

Cancer Biology and Therapy 2016 Si-Hong Lu, Wen-Sy Tsai, Ying-Hsu Chang, Teh-Ying Chou, See-Tong Pang, Po-Hung Lin, Chun-Ming Tsai, Ying-Chih Chang

Circulating Tumor Cell Count Correlates with Colorectal Neoplasm Progression and Is a Prognostic Marker for Distant Metastasis in Non-Metastatic Patients

Nature Scientific Reports 2016 Wen-Sy Tsai, Jinn-Shiun Chen, Hung-Jen Shao, Jen-Chia Wu, Jr-Ming Lai, Si-Hong Lu, Tsung-Fu Hung, Yen-Chi Chiu, Jeng-Fu You, Pao-Shiu Hsieh, Chien-Yuh Yeh, Hsin-Yuan Hung, Sum-Fu Chiang, Geng-Ping Lin, Reiping Tang, Ying-Chih Chang

Sensitive and Specific Biomimetic Lipid Coated Microfluidics to Isolate Viable Circulating Tumor Cells and Microemboli for Cancer Detection

PLOS 2016 Jia-Yang Chen, Wen-Sy Tsai, Hung-Jen Shao, Jen-Chia Wu, Jr-Ming Lai, Si-Hong Lu, Tsung-Fu Hung, Chih-Tsung Yang, Liang-Chun Wu, Jinn-Shiun Chen, Wen-Hwa Lee, Ying-Chih Chang

Genomic Profiling of Tumors Using Liquid Biopsy to Match Patients to Best Treatment Options

TJCC 2016 Wen-Sy Tsai, Shan-Fu Wu, Julian Lucas, Gangwu Mei, Mana Javey, Rui Mei

An Innovative Platform for Early Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells for Colorectal Cancer

TJCC 2016 Wen-Sy Tsai, Ying-Chih Chang, Ben Hsieh, Hung-Jen Shao, Jen-chia Wu, Jr.-Ming Lai, Mana Javey, Rui Mei

Prognostic Impact of Pre-Operative Circulation Tumor Cell Count in Patients with Non-Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

SCRS 2015 Wen-Sy Tsai

New Frontiers in Personalized Medicine for Colorectal Cancer: Liquid biopsy, Circulating Tumor Cells, ctDNA and Genomics

SCRS 2015 Mana Javey

Challenges in Isolating Circulating Tumor Cells: From A Technological Perspective

SCRS 2015 Ying-Chih Chang

Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Monitoring and Detection: Introducing a Breakthrough Blood Test

TSA 2015 Wen-Sy Tsai

Efficient elusion of viable adhesive cells from a microfluidic system by air foam

Biomicrofluidics 2014 Jr-Ming Lai, Hung-Jen Shao, Jen-Chia Wu, Si-Hong Lu, and Ying-Chih Chang

Are We Failing Our Patients? Why Colorectal Cancer is Increasing in Taiwan Despite Greater Awareness

SCRS 2014 Wen-Sy Tsai

Antibody Conjugated Supported Lipid Bilayer for Capturing and Purification of Viable Tumor Cells in Blood

Biomaterials 2013 Jen-Chia Wu, Po-Yuan Tseng Wen-Sy Tsai, Mei-Ying Liao, Si-Hong Lu, Curtis W. Frank, Jinn-Shiun Chen, Han-Chung Wu, Ying-Chih Chang

Effects of extracellular matrix protein functionalized fluid membrane on cell adhesion and matrix remodeling

Biomaterials 2010 Chun-Jen Huang, Po-Yuan Tseng, Ying-Chih Chang

Type I Collagen-Functionalized Supported Lipid Bilayer as a Cell Culture Platform

Biomacromolecules, 2010 Chun-Jen Huang, Nam-Joon Cho, Chih-Jung Hsu, Po-Yuan Tseng, Curtis W. Frank, Ying-Chih Chang

Selection, Enrichment, and Maintenance of Self-Renewal Liver Stem/Progenitor Cells Utilizing Polypeptide Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films

Biomacromolecules 2010 Hsuan-Ang Tsai, Ruei-Ren Wu, I-Chi Lee, Hsiao-Yuan Chang, Chia-Ning Shen, Ying-Chih Chang

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