After years of research and clinical testing, we have developed non-invasive, accurate blood tests for early detection of cancer. By making cancer prevention routine, we enable everyone to take control of their own health. The more people take our breakthrough blood tests, the more lives we can save. Life over cancer.

Prostate Cancer Test

Avoid the pain and complications from an unnecessary prostate biopsy.

If you have an indeterminate PSA result, this simple blood test can determine whether you need an invasive diagnostic biopsy.

Avoid an unnecessary invasive biopsy

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) screening can catch prostate cancer early, and has lowered the mortality from prostate cancer. But, it has also led to unnecessary biopsies.

  • 2 to 4 million men will receive a indeterminate “gray zone” PSA result of 4ng‑10ng/ml.2
  • Only 20% of these men will have a positive biopsy for prostate cancer.
  • However, 30-50% of men who do have a biopsy will suffer from biopsy-related complications, and 6.9% will require hospitalization as a result.3,4

There is a better way

For patients with indeterminate PSA levels, the CellMax blood test will assess the probability of a positive prostate biopsy, helping patients and doctors decide if a biopsy is needed.

“PSA testing is important for the early detection of cancer. CellMax CTC blood test could enhance the utility of PSA testing.”

— Dr Mahul Amin, MD, Chair, Dept. of Pathology, College of Medicine University of Tennessee Health Science Center

How The Test WorksIn 3 simple steps

Step 1

Purchase a test and schedule an appointment online.

Step 2

At your appointment, one small tube of blood will be drawn.

Step 3

Get results in 1-2 weeks, with expert consultations available.

What We Look For

Our test can detect 1 cancer cell among a billion normal cells.

Cancers shed cells early in development—these cells are called circulating tumor cells, or CTCs. At the pre-cancerous stage, these cells may be as rare as 1 cancer cell among a billion normal cells5. We have developed a patented technology that can find these rare cells in blood. A risk score is calculated based on the presence of these circulating cells in the blood.

Who is this test for?

Any man who receives an indeterminate PSA result of 4ng‑10ng/ml.

What You'll Get

  • A report with a risk score and classification as “low risk” or “high risk” for prostate cancer.
  • Recommended next steps, based on your risk classification.
  • A review of test results by board-certified physicians.

Why CellMax Life?

  • CellMax Prostate Cancer Test requires only a routine blood draw.
  • 80% fewer false positives than currently available tests for patients with indeterminate results — meaning fewer unnecessary biopsies.6,7
  • Used by hundreds of patients worldwide and published in leading scientific journals.


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